Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why iStripper is different from other sites?

iStripper consists in a desktop application, free to install, that displays real girls directly onto users' computer taskbar, without background. Girls live & strip on users' desktop and tease them till they buy their private show.
Our content is not tubable, it is unique and filmed exclusively for us. iStripper benefits from an amazing retention program with VIP rewards system that keeps clients happy for years.
Our virtual money, like on live sites, ease clients spendings and increase your revenues.

2. Where are your previous products VirtuaGirl/DeskBabes/VirtuaGuyHD?

Our products have been rebranded to iStripper. The customers you had brought to VirtuaGirl remain yours and you keep on getting paid on the new transactions they generate.
Your linking codes to VirtuaGirl/DeskBabes/VirtuaGuyHD remain active and redirect to iStripper.

3. Is iStripper a safe software?

iStripper contains NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO VIRUS, NO BUNDLE, it is certified by Norton.

4. How much am I paid by iStripper Affiliates?

If you choose the revshare program you will get 50% of all the transactions the customers you bring generate, knowing that the majority of our customers purchase more than 5 times. You will also benefit from a 10% referral program and get 10% of all the transactions made by the affiliates you refer to iStripper Affiliates.
If you choose the Pay per Install program, you will get up to $1 per install you generate, depending on the installs' country. Please refer to our Payment Per Install: Retribution rates per country table

5. How often am I paid?

iStripper Affiliates payments are based a pay periods of 15 days.
A payment is issued every 2 weeks, at the condition your account reaches the minimum payout set on your account (set to $100 by default - Absolute min.: $50).
Revsharing program Pay period paid 8 days after it ends.
PPI program Pay period paid 3 weeks after it ends.

6. What means of payment do you propose?

iStripper Affiliates pays by Check, wire (over $1 000), FirstChoicePay, Paxum, in USD.

7. What's the best traffic to send to iStripper Affiliates?

iStripper is a desktop application, better send DESKTOP traffic. Our best converting countries are : US, DE, FR, JP.

8. Can I send mobile traffic?

Mobile traffic comes to a landing page where visitors are invited to come back from a Desktop device. They can submit their email address to benefit from a promotion.

9. I have another question

Feel free to contact us via the Support section of iStripper Affiliates, or send an email to You can also reach our team with the chat system available at the bottom right of iStripper Affiliates site.

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